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shannon leto


Posted on 2009.12.18 at 13:37
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Went to the The Night 89X Stole Christmas concert last night.  My first 30 Seconds to Mars concert.  Oh.My.God.  Just, wow.  Waited through four other bands, who were pretty good, but Mars is who I was there to see, and I was not disappointed.  They had so much energy and enthusiasm, and the set was great-they did some songs from A Beautiful Lie, some acoustic, which was really awesome, and then finished with four tracks from the new cd, This Is War.  I screamed myself hoarse, my voice is so raw right now.  Spent most of their set standing on the armrests of my seat in the balcony.  They were signing the new cds after, so that was cool as well, but the venue people kinda rushed everyone though, barely had time to say hi.  Got to talk to Tomo for a minute later though, when he was down in the main lobby-got a hug from him too!  the whole band are really sweet guys, and I had so much fun, I was so wired when I got out, I was up until 4am.  They've only got a couple more US shows, then it's off to Europe, but Jared said that they'll be back in the US again in the spring and I am so looking forward to it.  And I added to my collection of Mars merchandise (three necklaces, wristband, keychain, patch and tshirt) with one of the This Is War T-shirts and a hoodie.  And I've really gotta go leave a thank you note for [personal profile] lisaroquin because she's the one who got me hooked on the band. 

But wow, what an awesome night!

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