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shannon leto

So there's this musician...

Posted on 2010.06.08 at 16:24

His name is Cassidy Haley, and he's awesome.

Cassidy Haley is an independent, singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. His new CD, The Fool, comes out on July 13. His music is a mix of pop and modern acoustic rock. The Fool is a groundbreaking, captivating album. His fans are spreading the word about The Fool so it can be heard by as many people as possible. Generating interest and publicity are important. Sharing the music is essential.

That means pressing at least 2,000 CDs, printing thousands of promotional posters and postcards to distribute and creating more opportunities to get the word out about Cassidy and his music. Since he’s a completely independent musician, the money for these needs is scarce.

Please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cassidyhaley/give-the-fool-the-wings-to-fly for an opportunity to help The Fool be successful. Kickstarter.com provides an easy place for fans to support their favorite artists, like Cassidy, by making a donation and earning some really cool rewards. Pledge just $30 and get an autographed, early release copy of The Fool!

Plus, the person whose donation gets the total to $4,000 or above gets a signed lyric sheet of their choice. The person who gets it to $4,500 or above gets a "mystery package" full of goodies and a signed lyric sheet. And the person who makes the pledge that gets it to the final $5,000 mark will get the choice of having a song written about them by Cassidy Haley or having him cover a song they'd like to hear!

Please, donate today and know that you are supporting a creative, talented artist and making the musical landscape a more beautiful place for everyone. For more information about Cassidy Haley and to hear his music, please visit www.cassidyhaley.com.

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